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Clavarum your key vault

Clavarum allows you to record your information or passwords in an encrypted and secured file.
We consider that, for safety and confidentiality reasons, we all have to multiply our passwords for various tools and webtools, from Facebook to the tax recovering services.
Some webservices or tools propose to record and store your passwords localy or online via Chrome or Firefox extensions for instance. Some offer a Cloud-basis storage. The more these tools get known and renowned, the more they risk to become the privileged target of the hackers, and States...
Everything that is connected to internet - your computer, your smartphone, your home automation, and, why not, your car - may be the target of a cyberattack.
Besides, our digital life brings us to subscribe to many sorts of webservices, which we eventually forget, and that could reveal sensitive informations to a hacker.
That is why we consider that, from a practical point of view, it is useful to avoid:
  • The use of trivial passwords
  • To note these passwords on a post-it accessible to everyone
  • To use a passwords manager which will, sooner or later, have to face a hacking issue.
It would be more careful to:
  • Keep your passwords on an external resource (cd, DVD, usb stick) which would be accessed by a computer only when you need it.
  • Protect this information in a file encrypted and protected by a password.
  • Cipher the information on the aforementioned file. In order that, a thief who would succeed in finding your usb stick and in hacking the password of the file, would not be able to read its content whithout another deciphering key.
  • The unique password of the file is ciphered and stored in our database.
  • And the encryption key of your data is calculated and renewed during every recording.
  • None of your data is kept in the website database (except your connection information and the data used for the encryption and the deciphering of your file).
  • All information contained in our database are themselves ciphered.
Consequently, we recommend you to store your file on a removable device, like a USB stick, a rewritable CD or DVD, to limit the risks of hacking.
The purpose of our tool is to allow you:
  1. To store your passwords or important information in a unique location and to secure it as much as possible
  2. If possible to let you the possibility to organize your information in your own way. It will be far much difficult for a hacker to hack files which intern structure is always different, and the more files he finds, the more it will be difficult to imagine a scheme.
  3. To allow you to transmit this information to a trusted friend (in case you would not be able to access yourself to your device. During a journey, in the hospital or died...)
This service is free and can present limitations of access according to the capacity of our servers.
It is although perfectible, do not hesitate to contact us to make your suggestions !

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